High power 15-in professional subwoofer specially designed to reproduce sound at the very low end of the audio spectrum W/Cast Frame
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This new design is capable of handling up to 2,200 Watts Continous Music.
A bumped bottom plate assures a compatible maximum displacement & the extended pole piece keeps the magnetic field linearity in order to avoid distortion; it also improves the heat transfer.
The magnet assembly was designed w/the assistance of a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software in order to ensure optimization.
A 4-in (100 mm) voice coil wound in a fiberglass former w/flat aluminum wire drives the moving assembly.
A non-pressed long fiber pulp cone has the necessary stiffness to withstand the tremendous accelerating forces involved & is properly centered by two counteracting polycotton fiber spiders.
An triple cooling system consisting of a large diameter center hole surrounded by six smaller holes (directly cooling the gap) & six frame windows (cooling the air trapped between the two spiders) are responsible for an efficient heat transfer mechanism.
A highly reinforced aluminum injected frame is effective in absorbing mechanical shocks & acts as a heat sink without interfering w/the magnetic field.
* Size: 15-in
* Power Rating: 1100W RMS
* Frequency Response: 35-3kHz
* Sensitivity: 95db
* Impedance: 8 ohms
* Voice Coil: 4-in fiberglass
* Resonant Frequency: 37 Hz
* Magnet Weight: 120 oz.