Viper 4108V 1Way Xpress Start System w/ExpressPort & Two 1-way transmitters & DB-ALL vehicle interface module
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SuperCode range up to 2,000ft* *
4 auxiliary control channels like for the trunk & doors.
Comfort Closure*
Horn Honk*
Two 1-way transmitters
hood pin & toggle switch
The DB-ALL is an all in one door lock & override module that covers over 95% of cars on the road today.
It will support legacy systems like VATS & PASSLOCK as well as support doorlocks & override on the most modern of cars like Toyota w/pushstart ignition system & Chrysler w/electronic ignition.
The DB-ALL offers the most advanced hardware architecture in our industry & covers more cars than any of our competitors.
SmartStart compatible (with optional Viper VSM250 module, not included)
So you can start, control or locate your vehicle using a compatible mobile phone or add a SmartStart GPS (not included).
for vehicle compatibility
* Additional parts & labor may be required