Digital Tilt Sensor detects when the vehicle is being raised in an attempt to remove the wheels or tow the vehicle.
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The 507M Tilt Sensor is used to compliment the level of security provided by the existing sensors found on most alarm systems.
The 507M is capable of independently referencing the vehicle’s initial angles of inclination each time the vehicle is parked, ensuring the most accurate tilt sensing possible.
The sensor control module must be mounted at an angle no greater than 45 degrees, with respect to the horizontal plane of the vehicle, and it must be mounted with the case top facing upward.
We recommend mounting the control module to the floor of the vehicle.
To mount the control module, fasten the unit with the provided double stick foam tape or screw to secure it in place.
To wire the 507M, simply plug the 3-pin harness into the control module and connect the wires as shown below: RED (+)12V Constant: Connect this wire to a (+)12V constant power source.
ORANGE (-) Turn-on Input: Connect this wire to the (-) ground-when-armed output of the vehicle security system.
If the security system does not provide a (-) ground-when-armed output.
An alternative solution is to connect this wire to the true ignition wire of the vehicle (this wire must rest at ground when the ignition key is in the OFF position).
IMPORTANT! In order for the 507M to learn the inclination angle each time the vehicle is
parked, the ORANGE wire must be connected to a security system ground-when-armed output or
to an acceptable switched ignition ground reference wire.
BLUE (-) Trigger Output: Connect this wire to the instant trigger input of the vehicle security system.
Wiring Instructions
Mounting the Control Module
The unit has 2 wire loops (one WHITE and the other BLACK) for setting both the tilt threshold and the arming delay.
The 2 wire loops are located on the side of the sensor next to the harness plug.
The BLACK loop controls the tilt sensitivity threshold that detects when the vehicle is being lifted.
A 1-degree threshold is the default setting for extreme sensitivity.
If the BLACK loop is cut, then a 3-degree threshold is selected for normal sensitivity.
The WHITE loop sets the amount of time the sensor waits before it will become active.
A 10-second delay is the default setting.
If the WHITE loop is cut, then a 2-minute delay is selected before becoming active.