Two Channel Speaker Audio Volume Control Impedance Matching with Three Sets of Plates White, Bone and Ivory
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* For adjusting the sound level for room speaker systems two channels at a time.
* High quality audio transformers
* Removable solderless connection terminals
* Computer grade double-sided glass-epoxy printed circuit board.
* An impedance matching switch multiplies the impedance the amplifier sees by two, four or eight times, allowing parallel connection of multiple AE100VCs without damaging the amplifier.
* Twelve knob positions provide a maximum of 39dB of attenuation.
* This package includes a metal mounting bracket to fit a standard swtich box
* Three sets of color matched knobs, plastic inserts, and screws.
* Ideal for amplifiers using 8 ohm speakers or 4 ohm.
* Requires about 2.5-in depth past plate surface minimum clearance.