Surface mount tweeter pair ideal for car doors, panels and home speaker cases
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Manufacturer: BEYMA

* Surface mount High sensitivity compression bullet tweeters.
* Includes detachable rear side retaining clip and nuts.
* Neodymium magnet.
* Two 3uF Crossover capacitors.
* Wire leads have plug-in connectors to mate with existing speaker leads.
* RMS Power: 25 Watts Each.
* Peak Power: 50 Watts Each.
* Voice Coil: 1-in Aluminum.
* Impedance: 4-ohm.
* Frequency Response: 5KHz – 20KHz.
* Sensitivity: 98dB.
* Mounting Depth: .79-in (bolt center).
Flange depth: .44-in
* Requires 1.6-in Diameter hole.