Kicking Little Practice Amp for Guitars w/ Overdrive Channel
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Peavey's exclusive TransTuber technology truly creates the sound, warmth & "push back" of a tube amplifier through its patented solid-state design.
The basic building blocks of the TransTuber sound are the exclusive designs of the preamp & power amp.
The preamp section tailors gain to meet the need for any amount of drive, from crystal clear to thick, smooth sustain.
The power amp reacts just like a tube output section by responding to the preamp w/natural compression that increases as the amp gets louder.
w/TransTuber, you get a killer amp w/widely ranging dynamics & natural "grit," just like a tube amp!
* 4-in heavy-duty speaker
* TransTuber tube emulation circuitry
* Master Volume control
* Clean & Lead channel switch
* 2-band passive EQ
* Headphone jack
* 7 watts(rms) into 8 ohms
* Weight Unpacked: 6.50 lb(2.948 kg)
* Weight Packed: 8.00 lb(3.628 kg)
* Width Packed: 7"(17.78 cm)
* Height Packed: 12.5-in (31.75 cm)
* Depth Packed: 10.37"(26.3398 cm)

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