Milestone 4 string bass electric guitar w/MaxT 126 bass practice amp and accessories BLACK
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The Max Bass Pack features the Peavey Milestone bass guitar & the number one selling MAX 126 bass amp.
The bass is a cutting-edge instrument & the result of Peavey's continual dedication to the working musician.
The Milestone r bass is a rare combination of stunning craftsmanship & intelligent design w/a reasonable price.
The body design is both classic & elegant.
The perfectly balanced body provides an intuitive feel, as if the bass is an extension of the player's body.
The popular MAX 126r bass amp is our most compact bass amp & features Peavey's exclusive & patented TransTuber circuitry.
the MAX 126 has a selectable Vintage gain control that allows you to change the tone from modern sounding to vintage.
w/10 watts of power & a Peavey 6 1/2" speaker, this makes the perfect bedroom amp.
For your convenience, we've added a headphone output, CD input & low & high EQ controls.
* Milestone 4 string bass (available in Red or Black)
* Maxr 126 bass practice amp
* Instrument cable
* Gig bag
* Bass strap
* Digital tuner
* Extra set of strings
* Picks
* Earbuds
* Total Musician SeriesT instructional DVD
* Weight Packed: 26.90 lb(12.2 kg)
* Width Packed: 21-in (53.34 cm)
* Height Packed: 46-in (116.84 cm)
* Depth Packed: 19-in (48.26 cm)