Deluxe Carry-Oke System Package w/500 Songs & Carry-Duet Mic
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Enhance the fun of the innovative CARRY-OKE portable vocal microphone system w/the CARRY-PRO.
The deluxe CARRY-PRO package includes five Karaoke Party discs w/a huge library of 500 DIVX songs for your CARRY-OKE microphone.
Use the CD+G conversion software to turn your own CD+G discs into files that will play on the CARRY-OKE.
The CARRY-PRO comes w/the CARRY-DUET microphone to share the fun w/your friends.
* CARRY-OKE Plug & Play Vocal system
* CARRY-DUET Duet Microphone for CARRY-OKE system
* CD+G to AVI(DivX) conversion software
* Karaoke Party DivX DVD Vol.1-5 (500 songs)*
* 1GB SD card
* Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
* Computer w/DVD-ROM & SD card reader required to transfer DivX files to SD card.
* Does not recognize all non-CDG PC disc drives.