Professional Digital Karaoke Mixing Amplifier
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This compact Studio Grade mixing amplifier is digital, efficient, and runs cool all day and night thanks to the advances in Class D power amplifier modules by Icepower (a division of world famous Bang & Ofesen).
Because of this breakthrough technology, we were able to create a little powerhouse that brings hi-end sound and entertainment to any space.
This mixing amplifier comes with two microphones inputs that can double as instrument inputs, complete with digital Reverb and Echo.
A master microphone and music control make it easy to strike the right balance of volumes.
If you have all your music on your laptop, you'll benefit from the USB jack that lets you stream directly into the CasaMan; and don't fret, it's Mac compatible! Any smartphone or tablet is compatible thanks to the 1/8-in stereo input jack and the included cable.
Want to expand to wireless microphones? The microphone expansion bay provides the freedom to cut the microphone cords by installing a wireless microphone module, while the stereo music expansion bay is available for a Bluetooth receiver to stream music wirelessly.
Please check with your favorite retailer for the latest CasaMan models and updates.

* 100W+100W MAX / 50W+50W RMS Stereo Hi-End Amplifier Powered by icePower®, a Division of Bang and Olufsen®
Two Microphone Inputs with DSP ECHO and REVERB Effects
* USB Port Connects to Laptop Computers
* MPX Function Supports Multi-Audio Media
* Wireless Microphone Port Supports VocoPro VHF and UHF Wireless Mic Modules
* Stereo Music Expansion Port Supports VocoPro Bluetooth Receiver
Rear Panel Connectors:
Power in
1/8-in audio in (front panel)
RCA L/R in
RCA L/R out
USB in
RCA Sub out
2 XLR-1/4-in combo mic jacks
1/4-in mic out
Speaker Out

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