Dual CD Player w/Scratch & 15 Seconds of Shockproof memory
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Wave Display, The CMX-3000 reads the track volume level & reproduces the data as a Wave display, which is patented by Pioneer.
A visual mapping of the landscape of each track is represented in the display panel, denoting the highs & lows, allowing the DJ to quickly find breaks in the tracks to guarantee accurate cueing.
Data Memory, There is a 1000 CD internal memory, where the DJ can store three cue & loop points per CD, as well as Wave data for up to 20 tracks per CD.
The stored data can also be copied to other CMX-3000 CD players.
When the 1000 CD capacity is reached, the CMX-3000 automatically deletes the CD information based on the amount of usage.
Scratch Mode, The CMX-3000 has been equipped w/a high-quality Scratch Mode, which allows scratching, scratch cueing & backspinning.
Operation, The new jog dial measures 11 cm & is now a two-piece design to allow greater visibility of the display.
A new dot matrix display delivers clearer & brighter status information.
The buttons are made from hard wearing rubber & are illuminated for ease of use.
Emergency Loop, This is a world first, w/a new patent - an innovative feature that sets a four-beat seamless loop at the touch of a button.
This feature is indispensable if a track is about to end & the DJ has failed to cue up the next track., Hot Cue & Loops, Now even Cue/ Loops can be saved to any of the three banks available for each CD.
These can be recalled instantly at the touch of a button.
BPM Sync, Hitting this button synchronizes the BPM between CD 1 & CD 2, making beat matching easy & ideal when overdubbing on a track.
Pitch Bend, Pitch bending can be achieved by using either the Pitch Bend buttons or the Jog Dial.
Slot Loading, Designed principally for ease of CD changing, it will also reduce the risk of accidental damage to the player.
CD Text, CD track title information can be read on the display.
Master Tempo, Pioneer's legendary Master Tempo feature offers 6%, 10%, 16% & WIDE ( 100%) ranges.
BPM Display, The CMX-3000 also displays current track BPM.
Tempo Sliders, The CMX-3000 also features new improved 60mm Master Tempo sliders, w/a high specification & better quality (adjustment in 6% is now 0.05%).
Seamless Loop, No Pioneer CD player would be complete without a Seamless Loop, which offers the same adjustment as the legendary CDJ-700S.
Autocue, The CMX-3000 has also taken another key feature from the CDJ-1000.
Via Autocue, the sound level can be changed to suit the style of music.
Shock Proof, The CMX-3000 has 15 seconds of shockproof memory.
Multi-Format, The CMX-3000 will play commercial CDs, CD-R & CD-RW formats.
Legato Link The trademark for high quality sound, only Pioneer has Legato Link technology.
The CMX-3000 is capable of reproducing sound frequencies above 20 kHz, which are lost during normal CD-format playback.
Pioneer Offers More!
The CMX-3000 offers a host of other benefits, such as: Quick Start (less than 0.01 sec)
Super Fast Track Search /Super Fast Song Search
Auto BPM Counter/Tap BPM Counter
Time Mode (Remain/Elapse)
Manual Cue / Auto Cue / Real-time Cue /
Back Cue / Cue Point Sampler
Fader Start
Relay Play
Digital Outputs
* Scratch Mode * Large Jog Dial & Soft Touch Buttons
* Emergency Loop * Hot Cue & Loops
* BPM Sync * Pitch Bend
* Slot Loading * CD Text
* Master Tempo * BPM Display
* Tempo Sliders * Seamless Loop
* Autocue * Has 15 seconds of shockproof memory.
* Multi-Format * Legato Link