Microport 130 Watt Power Inverter
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The smallest 130 Watt CLP design power inverter in the market provides 130 watts continuous and 260 watts peak household power plus 5 Volt USB power on the road.
Power up any devices under 130 watts, including small video games, and most compact laptops.
The USB Ports allows to simultaneously charge or power, IPods, mobile phones and much more.
Plus, it eliminates the use of bulky wall chargers with 5 volt outputs.
It's swivel arm design allows connection from any angle.
Ideal for travelers and road enthusiasts.
* 130 Watts continuous power - 260 Watts peak power.
* Grounded AC outlet - Convert vehicle battery power to AC household power.
* USB port - Charge iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, smart phones, and many other
* USB devices.
* Swivel arm - Convenient multiple positioning.
* MicroportTM compact design - Fits conveniently in vehicle.
CPI 130
* Weight: 5.7 oz.
* Height: 5-in (127mm)
* Width: 2.75-in (69.85mm)
* Depth: 1.5-in (38.1mm)