Professional Digital Vinyl system package for PC & MAC w/iTunes Integration
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Manufacturer: MIXVIBES

Software streamlined user interface reintegrates the music as the centrepiece of the DJ s performance.
This bundle is the perfect solution for DJs who wish to scratch or beatmatch their tracks without losing the genuine vinyl/CD feel or even w/a DJ MIDI controller, in a stable & high fidelity environment
The MixVibes CROSS PACK is a DJ solution that provides complete control for professional DJs.
It combines the latest CROSS technology DJ software w/the rock solid U46MK2 audio interface.
Because finding the right track to play next is the first responsibility of a DJ, CROSS PACK is focused on media management & interface simplicity.
Organize & edit your tags & artwork using the ‘info tab.
Create or edit playlists on the fly & auto-mix them...
if you need to take a breather from the decks.
Easily relocate missing files & update your Media collection.
CROSS PACK also enables you to detect an external hard drive on the fly & start playing tracks from it during your set.
The look & feel of iTunes-TM software is reproduced within CROSS PACK.
Individual tracks, playlists, or the entire library can be imported into the CROSS PACK collection by simply dragging & dropping from iTunes.
Includes industry-standard features, such as Hot Cues & Auto Beat Loops, & the deck layout is based on acclaimed DJ hardware bestsellers.
The state of the art Master Tempo technology ensures an excellent sound quality even for drastic BPM changes (+/-20%).
The Matcher zone in the Head Up Display allows you to visualize the synchronization of the waveforms for both tracks.
The powerful zoom can be used view the synchronization w/great precision, & you can also zoom out to get an overview of the mix & see the upcoming events in both tracks!
* Integrated 2 channels mixer w/3-Band EQ, frequency kills & monitoring
* 2 DJ decks plus a preview player
* 2 jog modes: CD (stutter) or vinyl (scratch)
* Master Tempo: high-end professional time stretching
* Hybrid mode: Automatically compensates Master Tempo to avoid digital sound at extreme speeds.
* Smart Seek: skip forward / backward on beat
* Automatic BPM detection
* Manual & auto beat loop
* 3 Hot Cue points per track
* Up to +/-100% pitch range
* Fine pitch bend
* Auto beat sync
* ASIO, Direct X, & Core Audio compatible
* Security mode & end of track warning
* Line input & mix recording
* MIDI controller presets for Pioneer CDJ-400, Vestax VCI-100 & VCM-100, & Numark Total Control,
* Multiple controllers support
* Keyboard shortcuts mapping
* AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG & AAC audio file support
Smart Tracks Management
* Instant import from external hard drive or folder
* Multiple playlists management
* Sort by genre, BPM, artist, key, rating, & more
* Fast search filter * Preview deck w/scroll bar
* Shuffle & automatic playlist w/cross fading
* Integrated iTunes-TM browsing
* Multiple tracks tag editing
* Info tab including cover art & song rating
* Missing tracks management
Display Modes
* Simple & intuitive user interface w/colored waveforms
* Hide & show various windows using Function keys
* Resizable window to fit your display
* Extreme waveform Zoom to set up your location & cue points precisely
* Beat matcher screen w/peak synchronization display
External control
* High accuracy timecode control
* Compatible w/MixVibes-TM control vinyl record & CD
* Phono preamp (RIAA) emulation
* Multiple routing mode
* Lead IN & lead OUT adjustment
* Absolute & Relative playback modes
* Flexible mode enables stopping time code while continuing playback without interruption
* High precision time code for CD player for short loop & Hot Cue.
Contents of the box:
- U46MK2 Sound interface
- MixVibes CROSS Installation disc
- Pair of 12" control vinyl records
- Pair of control CD s
- Quick Star