Four-Way Electronic Car Audio Crossover System
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Manufacturer: TARAMPS

Electronic crossover of 12dB / 8th with 4-way;
* LOW: With cutting variable (LPF) 45 to 275Hz and bass boost of + 6dB (bass boost) adjustable from 20 to 65Hz;
* MID-LOW: With initial cut (HPF) variable from 25Hz to 140Hz and final cut (LPF) variable from 300Hz to 7.5KHz;
* MID-HIGH: With initial cut (HPF) variable from 200Hz to 4.6KHz and final cut (LPF) variable 1.2KHz to 12KHz;
* HIGH: With variable cut (HPF) of 550Hz to 12KHz;
* Individual level controls through;
* Roads and LOW MID-LOW mono, with separate entrances;
* Roads HIGH AND MID-HIGH stereo, separate inputs LOW and MID-LOW;
* Dimensions: 190 x 145 x 40mm (W x H x D);
* Weight: 0.56Kg;