1-in Driver w/Pure TITANIUM Diaphram, 80 Watts RMS
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Recommended for use in high performance compact, two-way, multi-way & line array systems.
* For use in sound reinforcement, side fill & stage monitor loudspeakers.
* World class drivers w/excellent performance.
* High sensitivity & linear frequency response.
* Pure TITANIUM Diaphragm is accurately shaped to produce high frequencies w/clarity.
Precisely designed "Phase Plug" is an acoustic transformer that helps prevent phase cancellations.
oCopper shorting ring on the pole piece reduces the modulation of the magnetic field, lowers distortion & increases high frequency output.
Throat diameter 1-in
Impedance (Q) 8 & 16
RMS (W) 80 w/xover over 2,000 Hz 12/db Octave
Musical Program (W) 160
SPL 1W at 1m (dB) 109
Frequency Resp.
at -10dB (Hz) 1,000 to 21,000
X-over, 12dB/oct min.
(Hz) 1,500
Voice coil diameter in.
(mm) 1.7 (44)
Voice coil Kapton/CCAW
Magnet Weight oz.(g) 24 (675)
Housing material Plastic
Horn connection Screw on