Digital Karaoke Amplifier/Mixer w/Vocal Enhancer
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A great vocal performance requires the right set of tools to do it justice.
For the best sound, Vocal Enhancer & DSP vocal Reverb are two of the most popular tools for recording artists worldwide.
Similar products practically require a sound engineer to use them properly, though VocoPro has a better alternative.
Simplifying the functions of a studio Vocal Enhancer & combining them w/our popular Mixing Amplifier, the new DA-8909RV has everything you need to sound like a star.
* 180W + 180W maximum power output Mixing Amplifier
* Vocal Enhancer w/High & Low Contour, Tune & Process controls for
optimal vocal reproduction & rich, vibrant sound
* +/- 6-step Digital Key Controller for transposing natural key of source music
* Vocal Cancel/Vocal Partner modes for removing or adding guide vocals from
Multiplex Karaoke media
* Digital Echo w/Repeat & Delay controls to add depth & space to vocals
* Three Microphone Inputs w/individual Volume controls
* Full-function remote control for ease of operation
* Master Music & Microphone Volume controls
* LED Gain setting to toggle display intensity
* Exciter sharpens the treble for brighter sounding music
* 3 RCA style Video Inputs & 3 Video Outputs
* 4 dedicated RCA L/R audio input channels
* Dedicated Wireless Mic Input & Mic Insert
* Mic Output w/switchable Echo
* Connects up to 4 speakers w/A/B switch between pairs
* Suggested Retail Price: $ 939.00 USD