ROLLS 14305

Standard Wall Plate Audio Interface with XLR and 3.5mm Audio Inputs and Level Control
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Manufacturer: ROLLS

The DB228 Wall Direct Interface is an ideal impedance matching device for connecting any unbalanced stereo signal to a balanced system.
Consumer audio equipment such as CD players, DVD players, MP3 players, phone, etc., may be easily connected to a professional audio system.
In addition it will mix a microphone with a line level signal and send it out via a plugable barrier strip connector.
* Level Control adjusts both inputs
* 3.5mm R and L mix to Mono
* Output is a screw terminal plugable strip
* Mounting for standard electrical wall box (not included)
* Trim is for standard Decor'a wall plate (not included)
* Will pass phantom power
* XLR Input Impedance: 600 Ohms
* 3.5mm Input Impedance: 20K Ohms
* Frequency Response: 50 - 20K Hz +/- 3 dB
* Weight: .25 lbs.
* Dimensions: 1.5-in w x 4.125-in h x 1.5-in d