Sub-Controller designed for Serato Software
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* Eight Illuminated, Velocity Sensitive Performance Pads
* Dedicated Sampler Volume Slider
* Slip Mode Function Enables Continuous Music Playback in the Background Even When Loops & Hot Cues are Being Performed
* FX Knobs/Buttons for Operation of iZotope Effects
* Designed for Serator software users, specifically for "Serato DJ," the DDJ-SP1 is a slim & compact sub-controller that uses multiple performance pads, controls, buttons, & knobs to trigger a variety of unique audio samples & effects.
The DDJ-SP1 is designed to be the ideal companion to Pioneer's T new DJM-900SRT mixer but can also be matched w/other systems via its MIDI controller functionality.
The DDJ-SP1 is made for Serato software users who want to add effects when using a professional DJ setup of two players & a mixer such as the DJM-900SRT.
w/the sub-controller, DJs can enhance their performances w/multiple effects, similar to what's being done w/our extremely popular DDJ-SX controller for Serato DJ.
The DDJ-SP1 includes a free of charge download of a Serato Video plug-in (valued at more than $100).
The plug-in is compatible w/Serato DJ, Scratch Live & ITCH, that makes it extremely easy for users to insert video, effects & image files w/music.
Serious Audio Effects
* Performance Pads -- Sixteen Performance Pads on the sub-controller for seven different functions including Hot Loop, Auto Loop, Manual Loop, Hot Cue, Roll, Slicer, & Sampler.
A "Sampler Velocity" function determines the output volume of the sample based on how hard the pads are struck.
Each pad can be assigned as a hot cue point, & its blue illumination will signify its state of play for instant graphic feedback.
* Sampler Volume Fader - In between the the performance pads is a volume slider to control output of the trigger pads.
The convenient location of the slider enables quick volume adjustment during finger drum performances.
* Slip Mode -- Pioneer included a Slip Mode function that enables continuous music playback in the background even when loops & hot cues are being performed.
The functionality can also be used w/players & controllers that support Serato DJ but not Slip Mode.
* FX Knobs/Buttons -- The integrated knobs & buttons are arranged for Serato DJ software for operation of iZotoper effects.
Additional Features
* The sub-controller includes a free of charge download of Serato Video (valued at more than $100), a video control plug-in compatible w/Serato DJ, Scratch Live & ITCH, that makes it extremely easy for users to insert video, effects & image files w/music.
* USB connectivity & charging.
* DDJ-SP1 can be mounted on the X-Stand (T-U101), Pioneer's T portable DJ stand (sold separately).
* Compact (12.9-in x 7" x 1.8-in ) & weighs only three pounds, for easy transportation.
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Included Software:
Serato Video Plug-in
Input/Output Terminals:
USB B Terminal x 1
External Dimensions:
12.9 in (W) x 1.87 in (H) x 7.04 in (D)
3.09 lbs
Serato DJ System Requirements
Applicable OS (Mac):
Mac OS X (10.8.4/10.7.5/10.6.8
32-bit (CPU) 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo, (Memory) 1 GB
64-bit (CPU) 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, (Memory) 4GB
Applicable OS (PC):
Windowsr 7
32-bit (CPU) 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo, (Memory) 2 GB
64-bit (CPU) 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, (Memory) 4GB
Display Resolution:
1280 x 720 or higher resolution
* DDJ-SP1 Walkthrough