PEAVEY 00327810

Best Blues amp on the Marker 30 watts of tube power w/a 15-in cone speaker for real blues low end
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Classic style, classic tone & modern versatility.
If the blues is your way of life, this is your amp.
30 classic all tube watts are way louder than solid state & modern flexibility comes from a tremolo w/speed & intensity controls, pre & post gain controls on the lead channel, 3 band passive EQ, a boost switch, external speaker jack, & an effects loop.
Jamming or gigging, this baby can hold down your end of the sound.
* 30 watts into 16 or 8 ohms
* All tube (three 12AX7 & four EL84 tubes)
* 2* channel preamp
* One 15 inch Blue Marvelr speaker
* Tremolo w/speed & intensity
* Pre & post gain controls on lead channel
* Normal volume control on clean channel
* 3* band passive EQ (bass, middle, treble)
* Boost switch
* Master reverb
* Footswitch selectable channel switching & tremolo
* Effects loop
* Classic tweed covering
* Chrome-plated chassis
* External speaker jack