SILVER Pro DJ Mixer w/Effect Frequency Filter, 32-bit DSP & Digital Output Terminal
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Consumer rebate if postmarked by April 30th 2009, The core of every professional DJ rig is the mixer.
Whether you play at home, perform at the club or jumpstart the party, you need your mixer to perform flawlessly, be packed w/features & built to fit perfectly into your DJ style.
We give you the new DJM-700, the perfect all-purpose, all-style professional DJ mixer.
Play your way
The DJM-700 is the ‘all-around mixer’ that will be utilized by novice & experienced DJs alike.
As DJs develop skills & their own style, the DJM-700 will be the perfect companion," said Neil Altneu, vice president of sales & marketing for Pioneer’s Pro Audio & Video Division, Performance features of the ProDJ’s flagship mixers have been equally incorporated in the DJM-700 ensuring this new addition will solidify the DJM line-up of mixers."
The DJM-700’s high quality construction follows the same cues as its DJM-1000/DJM-800 predecessors by utilizing a high-rigidity chassis that minimizes noise from unnecessary vibration as well as a dual shield structure to eliminate entry of digital noise & full balanced output circuitry.
Internally, the DJM-700 sound quality is re-enforced w/a high quality 96kHz / 24-bit digital sampling system.
Analog signals from the player pass through the mixer at the shortest signal route, digitized by 96kHz / 24-bit high quality sound A/D converter & reaches the digital mixing stage w/the best possible state.
The mixing is carried out by a 32-bit DSP w/ideal filtering to produce the best sound for DJ playing without deteriorating the sound quality.
World's First Effect Frequency Filter
The Pioneer DJM-700 is the world’s first mixer to include an Effect Frequency Filter that allows the user to limit the frequency bands subjected to effects.
Conventional effectors are limited to manipulating the entire frequency range, whereas the Effect Frequency Filter now expands the user’s ability to showcase their own mixing style.
Manual Filter Capabilities
The DJM-700 mixer also utilizes the same manual filter found on the well-renowned DJM-800.
The manual filter enables more intuitive settings for multi-layered effects expanding the DJs creativity w/their music.
Combining multi-effect options such as the Beat Effect, along w/the manual filter allows for a wider range of DJ style & expression.
Multiple Effects Capabilities
The DJM-700 also features multiple effects that can be synced w/its tempo (beat) capabilities:
* Beat Effect: Pioneered from the DJM-600, the beat effect has evolved into a 96kHz / 24-bit high performance effect in the DJM-700.
The mixer automatically detects the tempo, also known as beat per minute (BPM), of the tune so the effects are aligned perfectly w/the beat.
The DJM-700 enables various effects such as delay, echo, trans, filter, flanger, phaser, reverb, robot & crush.
* Roll Sampler: The DJM-700 incorporates a new roll sampler w/a 96kHz / 24-bit output which enables the user real-time sampling of sounds.
Four patterns of sampling are available which includes roll, reverse roll, pitch up roll & pitch down roll.
* Beat Select Buttons: The mixer incorporates two beat select buttons letting the user quickly select the effect timing to maintain synchronization between the beat effects & audio.
Fully Assignable MIDI functions
DJs w/external equipment such as DJ Effectors or DJ software applications that support MIDI control can rely on the DJM-700 to work in unison to create the ultimate DJ experience.
Many of the dials & switch information of the DJM-700 can be converted to MIDI signal format.
Up to 49 keys are assignable providing complete control of MIDI devices directly from the mixer w/complete synchronicity.
* Digital Output Terminal: Outputs 96kHz / 24-bit sampling rate for highest quality sound
* Cross Fader Assign: Each channel of the mixer can be assigned to the cross fader
* 3-Band Equalizer: A built-in equalizer on each channel enables level control within a -26 dB to +6 dB range for high, mid & low bands, respectively.
* Fader Curve Adjust: