USB DJ Controller w/ Deckadance LE Software
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Manufacturer: DJ TECH

The DJ Mouse is the first computer mouse customized for DJ applications.
Control, mix, play, & scratch your iTunes playlists, MP3, or WAV files using the included Deckadance LE DJ software.
With a customized mapping for Deckadance LE, you can control all of the normal DJ functions directly through the DJ Mouse.
Cue, play, & loop all of your tracks without leaving the mouse.
You can also scratch your music files w/the integrated jog wheel or directly control all of the X & Y parameters for Deckadance LE's effects.
The DJ Mouse is the easiest way for anyone to learn to become a DJ.
Slim, compact, & completely customized for Deckadance LE, the DJ Mouse is all you need to begin DJing!
- DJ Mouse
- DJ Software: Deckadance LE (for PC or Mac)
- Scratch Mat

Deckadance LE:
- Real time mixing & scratching on MP3s
- 6 effects w/X & Y parameters
- Auto BPM & automix functions
- Compatible w/Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X
Scratch Mat:
- Turntable design
- Optimized for scratch performance
DJ Mouse:
- Optical mouse for Dj Application
- Multi-function jog wheel w/blue LED ring
- Direct access to scratch function
- Optimized for Deckadance DJ software for PC & Mac
- Aluminium feel & mini-jog wheel for controlling fader & scratch functions
- USB powered
DJ Mouse - Left Click Functions:
- Drag & drop songs from the playlist
- Play 4 different cue points
- Access to effects
- Play samples
- Play loops
- Play the 3 Reloopers
- Activate effects
- Preview song
- Sync & downbeat
DJ Mouse - Vertical Wheel Functions:
- Rewind & fast forward effect
- All faders & knobs control
- Scroll playlist
DJ Mouse - Right Click Functions:
- Memorize 4 cue points
- Toggle loops
- Toggle 3 Reloopers
- Reset effect
- Synchronize beats
DJ Mouse - Jog wheel Functions:
- Control faders & knobs
- Control crossfader
- Scratch or rewind Effect
PC Mouse Default Functionality:
- Right Click Functions like regular PC Mouse
- Left Click Functions like regular PC Mouse
- Vertical Wheel Functions: Scroll like regular PC Mouse page scroll
- Jog wheel Functions: Like PC Mouse Scroll
- Scratch Button: Like PC Mouse Page Left Select