Six Channel Line Output Converter w/Signal Delay, Equalization & AccuBASS for interfacing w/factory installed audio systems
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New AudioControl OEM Processor Delivers Amazing Sound Thru Equalization & Signal Delay
The environment of today’s automobiles present challenges for the installation of a performance car audio system when matched to a factory source unit.
Less than ideal speaker locations coupled w/an acoustically unfriendly environment can compromise the experience.
Fortunately for audio enthusiasts, the new AudioControl DQ-61 delivers the processing power necessary to maximize the audio experience.
AudioControl engineers designed the
DQ-61 to be an extraordinary processor, so subsequently it is equipped w/a number of installer friendly features that simplify the OEM connection & calibration process.
User friendly Signal Delay controls allow the listeners the ability to align themselves between the left & right speakers plus seamlessly blend in the subwoofer to the listening environment.
Discrete equalization controls provide listeners w/powerful processing to properly tune" their audio systems & enjoy truly amazing sound.
Designed for maximum sound quality & enhanced audio performance, the DQ-61 is the latest AudioControl processor to incorporate AccuBASS.
This patent pending process automatically corrects for the bass roll-off that is common w/many factory-in stalled audio systems.
Simple passive line output converters generally deliver poor sound quality & diminishing bass response.
The active circuitry used in the DQ-61 provides dramatically better sound quality & does not compromise the bass response.
No longer will audio enthusiasts have to compromise when performing basic amplifier additions to factory installed audio systems.
The AudioControl DQ-61 lets music enthusiasts truly take control" of their sound & receive an amazing experience.
User friendly Signal Delay enhances the acoustical alignment between the left & right channels plus the front & subwoofer channels
* Individual equalization controls for the front, rear & subwoofer channels for simple yet precise system tuning
* Six channels of active speaker level inputs - accepts up to 400 watts per channel
* AccuBASS- AudioControl’s patented pending processing to correct the bass roll-off in factory source units
* ACR-3 Dash Control Remote allows for control of the subwoofer level plus processing bypass which makes it ideal for demonstrations
* Internal Channel Summing - Easy interface w/factory installed amplifiers w/built-in crossovers
* GTO (Great Turn-On) Circuit - Powers up the DQ-61 when it detects signal on the main speaker level input
* Discrete Input & output level controls
* Maximum speaker-level input: 400 watts per channel
* Maximum output level: 75Vrms
* Output gain: +/-12 dB
* Frequency response: 10Hz-22kHz
* Total harmonic distortion: 001%
* Input Impedance: 20 Kohms
* Equalization Frequencies
> Front/Rear 125Hz, 175Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 8kHz
> Sub Output 315Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 63Hz, 80Hz, 100HZ 125Hz
* Signal Delay
> Left /Right Max Delay: 10 ms
> Front/Sub Max Delay: 35 ms
* Output Impedance: 150 Ohms
* Power supply: High headroom PWM switching
* Power draw: 350mA
* Recommended fuse rating: 2 Amps
* Remote trigger max output current: 1 Amp
* Size: 8.6-in W x 5-in D x 1.25-in
* Weight: 3 lbs