AudioSource EQ 200 10-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer
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10-band stereo graphic equalizer w/10 slider controls for each channel
Sliders range from 39 Hz to 16 kHz; overall frequency response of 10 Hz to 50 kHz
Illuminated LED sliders w/multicolor spectrum analyzer that monitors audio output
EQ bypass function contrasts between "equalized" & "unequalized" sounds
Includes 2 A/V inputs & 2 tape inputs & outputs; 16.56 by 3.5 by 11.88 inches (W x H x D)
Enjoy precise audio control over your home stereo system w/the AudioSource EQ200 10-band graphic equalizer.
The device boasts 20 bands of frequency adjustments (10 for each channel) to improve the performance of everything from classic LPs to modern CDs & MP3s.
Each EQ slider is positioned one octave apart from the others--from 39 Hz to 16 kHz--to correspond w/the entire range of human hearing.
To adjust the vocal or instrumental balance of a favorite song, merely move the matching sliders up or down (each features 12 dB of boost or cut) until the right level is reached.
Identification is simple thanks to the illuminated LEDs (one for each slider).
Plus, the device offers a multicolor spectrum analyzer, which interprets the signal levels of the sliders & displays them onscreen.
The analyzer not only helps you monitor the audio output, but it also looks ultra-cool when the lights are low.
The EQ200 features two A/V inputs that offer the ability to control traditional audio sources, such as a CD player or turntable, along w/the audio channels of video sources like VCRs or DVD players.
To select an audio source, the listener merely presses the A/V button to the "in" position, while leaving it "out" controls the video source.
Note that the EQ200 only affects the audio of DVD players or satellite systems.
It has no impact on the picture, nor does it include any video-type connections.
Users can also connect two cassette decks to the unit through the dedicated Tape 1 & Tape 2 inputs & outputs.
The EQ200 plugs into your stereo through your receiver's Tape Monitor Loop input.
As such, it offers a number of functions specifically designed for connected cassette decks, including a Tape 1-2/Tape 2-1 button that assists you when making tape copies w/one deck or dubbing between a pair of tape decks.
Listeners don't have to forfeit the traditional recording functions of their cassette decks, either, as the EQ200's tape outputs facilitate recording from the radio, CD, or other sources.
Other functions include EQ record, which lets you make a tape copy using a customized equalization curve, & the non-cassette-specific EQ bypass, which allows the user to make comparisons between "equalized" & unequalized" sounds.
So of the missing piece to your audio puzzle is the ability to fine-tune your music to meet your demanding tastes, the EQ200 may be a good fit for your system.
The device measures 16.56 by 3.5 by 11.88 inches (W x H x D)