High quality dual 31-band graphic equalizer w/continuously variable high & low cut filters
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Manufacturer: BBE

The BBE EQA231 is a high quality dual 31-band graphic equalizer.
It is idea for use in live sound rigs & installed setups such as studio, stage, DJ & sound contracting.
The EQA231's logical layout makes it a snap to use, room equalization & sound shaping is a breeze.
Its sonic integrity assures clean, distrotion free audio.
The BBE EQA231 makes state-of-the-art equalization technology affordable, but it much more than a high-quality, superbly engineered EQ.
Also included are continuously variable high & low cut filters.
The low-cut filter ranges from 10Hz to 250Hz (12dB/octabe).
The high-cut filter ranges from 3KHz to 40Hz (12dB/octave).
A selectable control range allows musicians to switch easily between 6dB & 12dB on the graphic filters.
Along w/the TRS & XLR input connectors, EQA 231 comes complete w/a Bypass switch, Signal Clip indicator, Output gain control & selectiable line voltage swieth between 115 & 230 VAC operations.
* Constant-Q filters
* Variable low-cut filter from 10Hz to 250Hz (12dB/octave)
* Variable high-cut filter from 3KHz to 40Hz (12dB/octave)
* True hard-wire bypass
* Balanced XLR or TRS input/output connections
* Clip indicator
* Line voltage switchable between 115 & 230 VAC operations
* 5-year warranty