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Manufacturer: VOCOPRO

This system is the big brother to the EVENTMAN 130.
Instead of one VX-30 II, you get two! The two cabinets offer excellent sound coverage & stereo separation.
This system excels in outdoor applications, making perfect for schools, parks, & mobile entertainment companies.
* Power rating: 120W+120W RMS in stereo mode at 4 Ohms, 480W RMS in bridge mode at 4 Ohms
* Amplification by ICEpower: Subdivision of the world famous Bang & Olufsen Group
* Class D power: Exceptional power efficiency & low heat performance
* 1/8-in audio input: Front-mounted for easy connection to smartphones, tablets, & laptops
* Compact & lightweight: Small form-factor for custom installations
* VX-30 II
* 2-Way 15-in P.A.
Vocal Speaker w/Eminence drivers
* Professional carpeted cabinet w/casters
* Designed for live entertainment
* Power rating: 600 W peak / 300 W RMS per side