2-DIN CD Receiver w/Bluetooth for Hands-Free Calling & Audio Streaming, SiriusXM-Ready , Siri Eyes Free, USB Playback w/Built-in Bluetooth for Hands-Free Calling & Wireless Audio Streaming
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* Bluetooth Dual Device Connection
* Pandora Station Creation
* Dual-Zone Color Illumination w/Illumination Wire
* Impressive in design & functionality, the FH-X820BS double-DIN CD receiver is for consumers who have more real estate in their dash & want a full-featured car stereo.
From hands-free calling, wireless audio streaming w/artist, album, & song search, simple pairing, & voice recognition, Bluetooth wireless technology has made life in the vehicle much more convenient.
The FH-X820BS w/Bluetooth also includes better call quality reception using the new Wideband Speech Handsfree Profile 1.6.
Nearly doubling the bandwidth of the frequency helps bring call quality similar to FM reception.
* The FH-X820BS features Dual Bluetooth & Guest Mode.
Dual Bluetooth allows two phones to automatically connect when in the vehicle to easily make & receive calls & stream music from both phones.
Guest Mode allows a user to add & replace a third mobile device instantly to the receiver.
Guest Mode is a great feature for a family vehicle w/multiple drivers or a driver w/multiple devices because it allows users to pair & delete devices easily without a lengthy registration or deletion process.
* Other features include the ability to browse music libraries on smartphones wirelessly.
In addition, iPhone Bluetooth pairing allows the user to connect an iPhone via an appropriate USB cable to pair w/the FH-X820BS; it's that simple.
This feature is great where there are multiple devices active & you are trying to search for & connect to a certain device.
* w/built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, the FH-X820BS provides the ability to utilize the voice recognition engine that is part of the operating system on a user’s smartphone.
This feature is compatible w/iOS devices that have voice recognition capability.
* Users w/an iPhone 4s or newer can take advantage of Siri Eyes Free functionality w/a touch of a button.
When activated, Siri voice prompts play through the vehicle’s speakers & the user’s commands & questions are received & transmitted to the receiver using the external microphone.
Siri Eyes Free provides access to many iPhone functions such as music selection, making phone calls & listening to text messages, calendar information, & reminders.
* The FH-X820BS is SiriusXM-Ready so you can listen to commercial-free music, all your favorite sports, exclusive talk & entertainment, comedy, news, traffic, weather, & more! Simply connect the SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner (SXV200V) to the dedicated port on the rear of the receiver & control & enjoy satellite radio without additional translators or cables.
Features like Tune Start, Tune Scan, Replay, & iTunes Tagging will be available on the receiver.
The SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner (SXV200V) is sold separately.
Also, a subscription to SiriusXM Radio is required.
* Great music discovery is effortless & free w/Pandora.
Just start w/the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, genres or composers & Pandora will do the rest.
* w/the FH-X820BS, you can enjoy superior sound quality & full control of the Pandora experience in your car directly from the touchscreen display of the receiver.
You are able to give tracks -inthumbs up-in or -inthumbs down,-in bookmark a song so you can purchase it later, easily switch between your personalized radio stations, & view full track data.
* Pioneer has made it easier to create new Pandora stations while the app is in use w/the Simple Pandora Station Creation feature.
Both iPhone & select Android users can simply press & hold a button on the receiver to create a new Pandora station dynamically from the currently playing song or artist.
In-dash control for Pandora is compatible w/both iOS & select Android devices.
Simply download & launch the free Pandora app to your device & connect it to the FH-X820BS to take your music to the next level.
iOS devices require a wired connection using the CD-IU51 USB interface cable for 30-pin devices (sold separately) or CD-IU52 USB interface cable for Lightning devices (sold separately).
Android devices need to be paired to the receiver via Bluetooth while the Pandora app is running.
* MIXTRAX is an innovative Pioneer technology that creates a nonstop mix of your music library complete w/a range of DJ-inspired effects.
Drawing from Pioneer’s rich DJ heritage & our passion for music, MIXTRAX delivers a unique DJ infused listening experience to those in the car.
MIXTRAX takes the music from an iPhone, iPod, USB device, or certain Android devices & plays it back w/added transitions & effects, creating a virtual DJ inside the Pioneer receiver.
MIXTRAX makes automatic remixing of tracks extra quick & easy.
Simply connect your USB compatible device & listen as tracks are joined by various random sound effects in nonstop mix play to keep the groove going in full swing.
MIXTRAX also features club-style illumination that enhances the mood w/a dynamic dance club-like lighting effect.
As MIXTRAX begins, lights start pulsing to the beat of the music, adding an extra level of entertainment.
Choose among multiple patterns of lighting variations from sound pressure level or low-pass synchronization modes.
* Connect an iPod or iPhone to the FH-X820BS using the optional CD-IU51 interface cable for 30-pin devices (sold separately) or CD-IU52 interface cable for Lightning devices (sold separately) to enjoy the music stored on your device.
Song, artist, time & album information are displayed on the LCD display.
The Link Play feature helps you find content faster & the system's wired USB connection provides direct digital signal transfer from the device for clean, clear sound while providing 1 amp of current to keep your iPod or iPhone charged.
* As an added bonus, the FH-X820BS is able to utilize the voice control feature found on your iPhone.
w/an iPhone connected to the receiver via Bluetooth & the receiver source set to -inBluetooth audio-in or -iniPod,-in simply press the volume knob, wait for the prompt, & speak your command as you would on your iPhone.
* Dual-zone color illumination allows you to customize the color of the text on-screen as well as select another color for the button illumination so you can express your personality right in your dash.
Over 210,000 colors are available for an endless number of color combinations to match the illumination in any vehicle.
The front USB port & AUX input are also fully illuminated.
* The 10-level brightness control allows you to customize the brightness of your screen.
This adjustment can be made w/10 levels of brightness allowing you to adjust the MIXTRAX & illumination settings to your liking.
* Display w/LED Backlight: VA LCD (2-Line)
* Dimmer Setting (On/Off): Y
* Brightness Control: 10-Level
* Color Customization: 210,000 Colors, Dual-Zone
* Illumination Timer: Y
* Built-in Bluetooth: Y
* Hands-Free Profile (HFP): HFP 1.6
* Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP): AVRCP 1.5
* Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP): Y
* Secure Simple Profile (SSP): Y
* Serial Port Profile (SPP): Y
* Guest Mode: Y
* Dual Phone Connection: Y
* SiriusXM-Ready (tuner sold separately): Y
* SiriusXM Tune Start & Tune Scan: Y
* iTunes Tagging: Y
* Presets: 18 FM, 6 AM
* Best Station Memory (BSM): Y
* Local Seek Tuning: Y
* RDS: Y
* Supertuner IIID: Y
* Voice Control: Y
* Pandora: iPhone, Android
* Pandora Station Creation: Y
* Siri Eyes Free: Y
* Android Music Support: MTP
* DIGITAL CD/CD-R/RW Playback: Y
* MP3, WMA, AAC, WAC Audio Playback: Disc, USB
* RCA Preouts: 3 (2V)
* Built-in Amplifier: MOSFET 50W x 4
* Customizable Graphic Equalizer: 5-Band
* D/A Converter: 24-Bit
* Crossover Network: LPF, HPF
* Subwoofer Control: Y
* Loudness: 3 Mode
* Advanced Sound Retriever: Y
* USB: Single, Front
* AUX Input: Front
* Wired Remote Input: Y
* USB Direct Control for iPod /iPhone: Y
* Spectrum Analyzer: Y
* Rotary Volume Control: Y
* Remote Control: Included
* Muti-Language Display: English
* Warranty (must be purchased from a Authorized Pioneer Dealer): 1 Year