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Professional Audio Multi-channel Firewire PC Interface. Routes High Qualtiy Audio to and from PC Computer
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You now have a complete solution for routing high quality audio in and out of your computer.
The Saffire PRO 40 hardware interface provides the means for connecting microphones, line-level signals, instrument-level signals,
and digital signals to your computer, which are then routed to your audio recording software / digital audio workstation
All audio signals connected to the inputs, plus audio output from your computer programs are routed to the physical outputs for you
to connect to an amp and speakers, powered monitors, headphones, analogue/digital mixer, and any other studio equipment that you
wish to use.
There are also connectors for sending and receiving MIDI.
The accompanying software application, Saffire MixControl provides further recording, routing and monitoring options, as well as
the ability to control global hardware settings such as sample rate and synchronisation.
Saffire MixControl software provides mixing and routing to and from the Digital Audio Workstation, allowing control over which signals are sent from
the sequencer to each output.
All inputs on the Saffire PRO 40 are routed directly to your Digital Audio Workstation software for recording, but Saffire
MixControl also allows you to route these signals to your monitors so that you can listen to the audio signals with zero latency -
before they arrive at your Digital Audio Workstation.
1 - 6- to 9-pin Firewire cable (also known as a IEEE1394 cable)
1 - IEC Power Cable
1 - CD containing installer software for Mac and Windows, Scarlett Plug-in Suite as well as user guide.
1 - Xcite+ Pack
Microphone Inputs * Dynamic Range (A-Weighted): 109dB
* SNR (A-weighted): -109dB
* Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.1 dB
* THD+N: 0.001% (measured at 1kHz with a 20Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
* Noise: EIN > 125dB (128dB analogue to digital) (measured at 60dB of gain with 150 Ohm termination (20Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
* Maximum level (A-weighted): 8dBu at 1% * Line Inputs * Dynamic Range (A-Weighted): 109dB
* SNR (A-weighted): -109dB
* Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.1dB
* THD+N: < 0.001% (measured with 0dBFS input and 22Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
* Noise: -90dBu (22Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
* Maximum level (A-weighted): 28.5dBu at 1%
* Instrument Inputs * Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz +/- 0.1dB
* Maximum Input Level min gain no pad +8dBu
* Maximum Input Level max gain no pad -42dBu
* THD+N, -1dBFS, min gain, no pad < 0.0015%
* SNR 109dB -inA-in
* DNR 109dB -inA-in
* Input Impedance > 1MOhm
* X-talk < -100dB
* Adjustable Gain > 50dB
* Pad Attenuation 10dB * Headphone Outputs * Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz +/- 0.1dB
* SNR 109dB -inA-in
* DNR 109dB -inA-in
* Maximum Output into 32R +12.4dBu (+10.2dBV)
* Power into 32R 250mW
* Output Impedance < 7Ohms
* Load Impedance > 24Ohms * Line level Outputs * Dynamic Range (A-Weighted): 108dB
* SNR (A-weighted): -108dB
* THD+N: < 0.001% (measured with 0dBFS input and 22Hz/22kHz bandpass filter)
* Maximum level (A-weighted): 15.7dBu at 0.883% * Additional Conversion Performance * Clock jitter < 250 picoseconds
* THD+N AMPL (A-weighted)= -109dBFS
* Analogue Channel Inputs (Inputs 1-8) * 2 Mic/Line/Inst Combo XLR (Inputs 1 and 2)
* 6 Mic/Line Combo XLR (Inputs 3-8)
* Automatic switching of Mic / Line (e.g.
inserting a jack switches from Mic to either Line or Instrument)
* Digital Channel Inputs (Inputs 9-18) 44.1-96kHz * Stereo S/PDIF input on RCA
* 8 ADAT inputs on Optical Connector, reduces to 4 inputs at 88.2/96kHz
* Optical input can be switched to S/PDIF 3/4 in software preferences (Both ADATs and S/PDIF over RCA input disabled)
* Analogue Audio Outputs (Outputs 1-10) * 8 1/4-in TRS Jack (Outputs 3-10)
* 2 monitor mix outputs on 1/4-in TRS Jack (Outputs 1 and 2)
* Stereo headphones mix 1 on 1/4-in TRS (also routed to outputs 7 & 8)
* Stereo Headphones mix 2 on 1/4-in TRS (also routed to outputs 9 & 10) * Digital Channel Outputs (Outputs 11-20) 44.1-96kHz * Stereo S/PDIF output on RCA
* 8 ADAT outputs on Optical Connector, reduces to 4 outputs at 88.2/96kHz
* Optical output can be switched to S/PDIF 3/4 in software preferences (ADATs disabled) * Other I/O * 2 6-pin FireWire sockets
* 2 Standard 5-pin DIN MIDI connectors: In and Out
* IEC mains power input connector * Weight and Dims * 3kg / 6.6Ibs
* 482mm / 19-in (W) x 45mm / 1.8-in (H) x 265mm /10.4-in (D