High Sensitivity 3-Way Indoor/Outdoor Weather Resistant Speaker System PAIR w/Mounting Bracket Included WHITE
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The P Audio Gallardo- 4 is a small format high performance sound reinforcement
system designed for high quality foreground & background
music applications.
The Gallardo- 4 is designed for both indoor & outdoor
applications where music & speech reinforcement is specified.
system is ideal for use in restaurants, retail environments, bars, hotels,
and other applications where high quality music systems are specified.
The Gallardo-4 utilized a two element array of high output 4 inch (101.6mm)
The horn loaded high frequency wave guide is positioned between
the two element arrays to insure coherent & balanced high frequency
Polar lobing is controlled by this geometry & produces a
properly aimed response at the crossover frequency.
The Gallardo-4 features a standard multi-tap transformer input that is
switch able from a maximum of 50 watts of input power in essentially
3dB steps.
The available taps are 50 watts, 25 watts, 12 watts & 5
The Gallardo-4 may also be easily configured for a standard low
impedance direct input.
The system also features a standard mounting bracket designed for flexible
aiming & easy installation.
The small physical size & unique
appearance of the Gallardo-4 make it an ideal installation product.
It is
very versatile & combines great sound w/great looks.
Two Element Low Frequency Array
Multi-Tap Matching Transformer Standard
Neodymium Based High Frequency Driver
Type 3 Way Full Range Passive Bass Reflex
* Power 50 Watt
* Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
* Sensitivity (1W at 1M) 87 dB
* Frequency Response 80Hz - 18 kHz
* Dimension (H x W x D) 303mm x 157mm x 267mm; (11.9-in x 6.2-in x 10.5-in )
* Finish Color Black or White
* Type Isolate 5 , 12 , 25 , 50 Watt / 100 V
* Direct 4 Ohm (Switchable)
* LF Component 2 x 4-in (101.6 mm) Cone Speaker
* HF Component 1 x 1-in (25.4 mm) Titanium Diaphragm
* Construction Injection Molded High Impact Polycarbonate
* Grill Powder Coated Steel Mesh
* Connector 1 x Push Terminal
* Rigging / Fitting Universal Supports
* Standard Packing 2 Pcs / Pack
* Unit Weight 5 kg (11.0 lbs)
* Shipping Weight 11.2 kg (24.6 lbs)
* Packing Dimension HxWxD (cm) 350 x 465 x 305; 13.8-in x 18.3-in x 12.0-in (1.75 cu.ft)