2,400 Watt 1 Channel Amplifier * Channel: 1 * RMS at 4 Ohms : 900w mono * RMS at 2 Ohms : 1150W mono * RMS at 1 Ohms : 1500W mono
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* Regulated MOSFET PWM Power Supply
* Three-Way Protection Circuitry
* Pre-Amp Low Level Outputs
* Frequency Response: 10 to 35kHz
* Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.05%
* Channel Separation: 65dB
* Variable 40to150Hz 24dB Low Pass Crossover
* Variable 20to50Hz 24dB Subsonic Crossover
* 4 Gauge Power/Ground & 8 Gauge Speaker Terminals Connection
* Variable Low passs remote dash mounts gain control
* Data link system: allows the mono amps to be strapped or bridged via master / slave configuration
* Strappable for Double Power w/2-ohm
* Low Level Input Sensitivity: 250mV to 6V
* Damping Factor: 250
* Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 100dB
* 180 Degree Phase Switch
* Variable 0-18dB 45Hz Bass Boost
* Channel: 1
* RMS at 4 Ohms: 900w mono
* RMS at 2 Ohms: 1150W mono
* RMS at 1 Ohms: 1500W mono
* Max Power: 2400Watt
* Dimensions: 9.75-in x 2.375-in x 10.5-in (W) x (H) x (L)
* Variable 12dB Crossovers
* Filter out frequencies that could cause damage to speakers, or that subwoofers can't play via 12dB/octave slope high pass & low pass crossovers.
* MOSFET PWM Power Supply
* Metal Oxide Semi-conductor Field Effect Transistors w/Pulse Width Modulated circuitry make up each GOTHIC amplifiers power supply.
MOSFET transistors increase durability & longevity over bi-polar counterparts...
* Variable 12db Bass Boost
* Utilize a built in 45Hz bass boost for up to 12dB of gain.
Get the most power from your Gothic amplifier.