2,500 Watt 12-in Subwoofer * Max Power Handling: 2,500 * RMS Power Handling: 1,200 * Efficiency (1w/1m): 83.6
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* Max Power Handling: 2,500
* RMS Power Handling: 1,200
* Efficiency (1w/1m): 83.6
* Voice Coil Configuration: 2.50-in Dual 2 Ohms
* Motor Volume: 254oz.
* Mounting Depth: 6.50-in
* Optimum Sealed Enclosure ft3: 1.5
* Optimum Ported Enclosure ft3: 2.25
* Twisted & Woven Flax Fiber Cone
* All Gothic woofers use torsion twisted Flax fibers woven together for ultimate strength & less elasticity.
A heavy soaking in epoxy combined w/the sonic qualities of pulp paper, Flax proves itself worthy of any system.
* Extended Excursion NBR Surround
* A strong & flexible heat resistant compound, nitrile butadiene rubber is used widely in automotive applications.
Gothic woofers utalize an extended excursion NBR surround for it's strength & flexible properities during extreme movement.
* Back Plate & T-Yoke Venting
* Heat build-up is a leading cause of catastrophic woofer failure.
Venting built into the T-Yoke, back plate, & voice coil extract & dissapate heat, ensuring Gothic woofers keep their cool.
* Overcast Stitched Cone Assembly
* Surrounds of Gothic woofers are double overcast stitched directly to the Flax cone surface.
In addition to superior adhesives, overcast stitching improves the conventional bond between cone & surround.
* 100% OFC 4-Layer Voice Coil
* Gothic woofers use generous 1.50-in long, 2.5-in diameter 100% OFC Copper voice coils.
A vented Aluminum former extract & dissapate any heat build-up, resulting in improved power handling.
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