HI Quality US Made Headphone Amplifier with Stereo/Mono line input and Mono Instrument input
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Mono instrument input
- 1/4-in & 1/8-in (3.5mm) stereo inputs
- Stereo or mono operation
- Powerful headphone output
- Adjustable limiter for hearing protection
- 1/4-in thru for linking multiple units
- 15 VDC input (required item #03004300)
* Wired in-ear stage monitor
* Headphone amplifier for instruments
* Boosts power of existing Headphone outputs
* Headphone output for equipment with line outputs only

The HB2 is a versatile headphone amplifier with applications both on and off stage.
On stage, a drummer or keyboard player can use the HB2 connected to monitor output(s) from the mix console to drive in ear monitors or headphones.
The HB2’s built in limiter can be set to protect your hearing.
For more flexibility, the second input to the HB2 can be used for a local output from an electronic drum kit , guitar or keyboard.
Separate controls for both inputs allow the user to control their own balance.