2400 Watt Max Car Battery ideal for car audio sound-off competitions
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The cells that started it all! Known for being used in car audio sound-off competitions to break an amazing 180db and beyond.
While newer technologies like our HC PRO and HC REV series take HC BLU’s place in car audio competitions these cells are perfect for entry level competitors and general everyday use.
Featuring a 1-year warranty, made with advanced AGM technology.
* MAX Wattage: 2400
* BCI Group Number: 31
* Height w/out Terminal: 8.68 in
* Width: 6.77 in
* Length: 12.91 in
* Terminal Configuration: 3/8-in
* Nominal Voltage: 12 volts
Reserve Capacity
* Capacity - 20 Hour Rate: 110 Ah
* Capacity - 10 Hour Rate: 103 Ah
* Internal Resistance: 4 m ohm