DJ Software + USB Audio interface for FREE Mixing your favorite songs has never been this easy
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You are not a full time DJ but would like to entertain your friends w/an easy to use DJ application? MixVibes HOME 7 is the DJ Software you need to instantly mix your media files in a user friendly environment.
A simple click allows you to imports your iTunes-TM library & playlists.
Mixing your favorite songs has never been this easy!
Match Tempo
Speed up or slow down songs to match tempos manually or synchronise them automatically w/a single click or change the pitch without affecting the tempo.
The possibilities are endless.
Loops & Cue Points
A Cue point allows you to set a precise point to start playback of a song or to jump to any part of the song instantaneously & seamlessly.
Create remixes on-the-fly using Loops & Cue Points!
Enjoy impressive professional DJ effects w/parameters settings, such as flanger, phasing, filter, pan, chorus or echo.
The integrated 16-pattern sampler provided allows you to add original sounds to your mix to make it even more creative & enjoyable.
Moreover, over 300 samples are supplied on the installation CD!!!
Advanced Playlist Management
Whether you want to play Rock, R&B, Techno or Soul, MixVibes helps you organize & browse your song library in many ways.
Songs can be displayed by genre, BPM, Artist, Year, & more.
You can even import your iTunes-TM playlists.
USB Audio interface included!
A High-Fidelity USB 2.0 Audio Interface is included w/the software, This interface provides an extra output to monitor your mix through headphones & execute perfect transitions between your songs, just like a real DJ.
Hands-On Control
Once you are ready to take it to the next level, just connect any compatible controller, such as a Hercules RMX, DJ Tech Imix, Numark Total Control for hands-on control.