Pro CD/MP3 player. Plays standard CDs as well as discs with MP3 files
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The HR72 is a 1/2 rack space CD/MP3/USB/SD/MMC player.
The unit is ideal for installation applications like restaurants, clubs, schools, churches, or aerobic studios to name a few.
The HR72 plays standard audio CDs as well as CDs formatted w/MP3 files.
The single rack space height makes it convenient to install in most any professional audio rack.

* RCA and 1/8-in (3.5 mm) Outputs
* Track programming
* Repeat All, One, and Shuffle play
* Output Level control
* Accepts 12cm and 8cm discs
* Plays files from standard SD cards
* Plays files from a USB thumb drive
* Specifications * SOFT TACT BUTTONS: POWER, SD/USB/CD, FOLDER, FB (Fast Back), F.F (Fast Forward), PLAY/PAUSE, REV, FWD, STOP/EJ
* Power: 12-15V DC 700mA
* Connectors: 1/8-in (3.5 mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve stereo, and stereo RCA Outputs
* Dimensions: 6.75-in X 1.7-in X 8-in
* Weight: 2.5 lbs.
(1.3 kg)
* Current drain 400ma nominal disc loaded 15vdc