Marvel Hulk 1/2 size Acoustic Guitar, w/Hulk on Front - Cool
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Your favorite, officially licensed Marvel characters adorn this quality junior-size acoustic guitar! Easy to play & stays in tune, these starter guitars are perfect for your little Super Hero.
Every guitar is made of real wood w/steel strings & comes w/Peavey picks & a Marvel guitar strap.
Includes a removable headstock cover w/matching superhero graphic protecting little fingers from string ends.
* Body: Basswood
* Neck: Hardwood
* Fingerboard: Basswood
* No.of Frets: 18
* Tuners: Chrome gears w/ABS keys
* Length: 30-in
* Weight Unpacked: 2.00 lb(0.907 kg)
* Weight Packed: 5.69 lb(2.58 kg)
* Width Packed: 14.25-in (36.195 cm)
* Height Packed: 32.25-in (81.915 cm)
* Depth Packed: 6-in (15.24 cm)