Two-tier IQ Series X-style Keyboard Stand w/Patented Memory Lock, Five Height Settings, Stabilizing End Caps, and Double-braced Tubing - 150/50 lbs. Capacity
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The IQ Seriesr redefines the X-style keyboard stand, bringing a new level of stability and innovation to the lightweight, gigging-minded design.
Offering a range of height settings for sitting-to-standing playing comfort, the IQ-2200 features Ultimate Support's patented Memory Lock system and unique stabilizing end caps, giving keyboardists timesaving onstage luxuries along with peace of mind.
IQ Seriesr stands are ideal for supporting everything from lightweight synthesizers and MIDI controllers to the heaviest of professional keyboard workstations.
The IQ-2200 combines the IQ-2000 and IQ-200 in one affordable bundle!
IQ-2200 Product Breakdown:
* Unprecedented Strength in a Lightweight Design
* Patented Memory Lock System
* Off-set Bracing System for Maximum Knee Room
* Stabilizing End Caps Overcome Uneven Surfaces
* Second Tier for Twice the Playing
Unprecedented Strength in a Lightweight Design
The IQ-2200 supports keyboards, synthesizers, and workstations up to 150 lbs.
(first tier) with unheard of strength and stability, while maintaining the convenient, lightweight X-style format that gigging keyboardists demand.
With thick, double-braced tubing, heavy-duty bolting, and a generous upper keyboard shelf, the IQ-2200 is the cure for the common X-style stand, equally at home on stage, at jams, and in the studio.
Patented Memory Lock System
Equipped with the IQ Series' patented Memory Lock System, the IQ-2200 offers a set-it-once solution that saves gigging and on-the-go keyboardists time and energy.
After initially choosing a preferred height position, the Memory Lock opens the stand to the desired height every time.
Keyboardists need only to lift and place their instruments once.
Off-set Bracing System for Maximum Knee Room
More than offering five height positions that comfortably accommodate a range of sitting and standing positions, the IQ-2200 features an inventive off-set bracing system.
This design feature gives keyboardists more knee room than any other double-braced stand, ensuring that the stand is out of the way and that only the keyboard is in focus during performances.
Stabilizing End Caps Overcome Uneven Surfaces
The IQ-2200's integrated stabilizing system accounts for potentially uneven surfaces at future gig or jam locations and effectively combats potentially instrument-threatening rocks and wobbles.
Located on the upper and lower tubes, two rubberized end caps easily rotate, revealing incremental thicknesses to correct the problem.
In addition, thick rubber sleeves secure the keyboard on the upper tubes, while keeping the IQ-2200 firmly in place.
Second Tier for Twice the Playing
For keyboard players who like to perform with more than one keyboard, the IQ-200 is the perfect addition to the IQ-2000 and IQ-1000 keyboard stands.
The IQ-200 is width adjustable and has a load capacity of 50 lbs.
* Part Name: IQ-2200
* Part Number: 17478
* Weight Capacity: 150/50 lbs.
(68/23 kg)
* Height Positions: Five
* Height (1st Tier): 26.5-in to 36-in (673mm to 914mm)
* Height (2nd Tier): 11.5-in (291mm)
* Depth (both): 13.5-in (343mm)
* Width: 18.5-in to 33-in (469mm to 838mm)
* Weight: 18.85 lbs.
(8.6 kg)