Infrared Dual Rechargeable Wireless Microphone System
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The IR-9000 uses infrared technology instead of the UHF or VHF bands, eliminating signal interference like never before.
Now you can have multiple IR-9000s in different rooms without that annoying signal crossover.
The included charger charges both microphones so you never have to worry about changing dead batteries.
Simply charge and sing.
* Have multiple IR-9000s in different rooms and no interference
* 2 Microphone channels, each with individual volume controls
* Dual rechargeable wireless microphones
* Included microphone charger charges both microphones simultaneously
* LEDs on receiver indicate which microphone is on
* LEDs on charger indicate charge status
* Extra large on-board infrared sensor for superb reception
* Includes 1 external IR sensor for better reception in larger rooms
* 2 individual .25-in outputs for each microphone channel
* 1 Mixed .25-in output for outputting both channels together