Receive visual alerts of radar & laser signals or dangerous intersections
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Receive visual alerts of radar & laser signals & more on your compatible Apple iPhone or iPod touch w/this Cobra iRadar S-Series IRADS120R detector.
* The under-hood mounting safely hides the detector from view.
* Using the Cobra iRadar app, it displays visual alerts on iPhone.
* The detector alerts to speed & red light cameras, known speed traps & dangerous intersections.
* Using the Cobra iRadar app, the detector allows the sharing of alerts & locations in real-time w/the Cobra iRadar Community.
* Alert history can be viewed on the radar map view.
* Radar/Laser Detector
* Detects 14 Radar/Laser Bands
* Stealth Mounting Under Hood
* Alerts To Speed & Redlight Cameras
* Alerts To Speed Traps & Dangerous Intersections
* Allows for Sharing of Real-Time Alert Information w/ Other iRadar Users
* Displays Visual Alerts On iPhone
* Bluetooth Enabled Unit
* X Band, K Band, Ka Band Radar, POP mode, VG-2, All 6 Laser Types Detection
* VG-2 Alert/Undetectable
* Spectre 1 Undetectable
* View Alert History On The Radar Map View
* Control Detector Settings From iPhone
* Detects All Radar & Laser Guns
* Reduces False Alerts w/ City/Highway Mode
* Safety Alert
* Auto Mute
* Speedometer & Compass
* AURA Speed & Red Light Camera Database