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Digital Pogo Stick - Bounce Counting Pogo Stick
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- Next Generation Smart Pogo Stick! * Promotes Bone Growth to Help the Kids Stay in Shape * Bounce with Beats: Built-in Button Activated Music * Comfortable Non-Slip Handle Grips * Digital LCD Display Screen * Smart System Keeps Count of Each Bounce * Safe, Durable & Reliable Design * Reinforced Anti-Slip Foot Pedals * Designed for Ages 6+  * The Kids Will Have Fun While Exercising! Technical Specs: * Max.
Weight Support: Up to 77 lbs.
* Construction Materials: Stainless Steel, Reinforced Carbon * Background Music Control: ON/OFF * Battery Operated: Requires: Three x 'AAA' Batteries, Not Included * Unit Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.8-in x 3.0-in x 37.8-in