JamStands Series Universal iPad Holder
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JS-MNT101 JamStands Series Universal iPad Holder This highly affordable iPad holder puts your music, lyrics, set lists, tabs, contacts, and all other importantand information right where you need them - at the tip of your fingers while you're playing music! The JS-MNT101 mounts to the pole of nearly any microphone stand and securely holds all iPads including the iPad mini.
You can adjust the angle and axis of your iPad easily at two different points on the JS-MNT101.
What's more, it's easy to clamp your iPad in either landscape or portrait view using an additional adjustment knob on the back of the holder itself.
Information, specifications, colors, and materials subject to change.
JS-MNT101 Features:
* Securely holds all iPads including iPad mini
* Connects to microphone stand pole
* Highly adjustable to suit viewing needs
* Secures in portrait or landscape view Specs
* Product Name: JS-MNT101
* Part Number: 18009
* Extension Bar Length: 5.5-in (140mm)
* Clamping Range: 5.125-in to 10-in (130mm to 254mm)
* Clamp Width: 5.25-in (133mm)
* Clamp Depth: .25-in (6.35mm)
* Weight: .85 lbs.
(.38 kg)

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