JamStands Series Soprano Sax Stand
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JS-SS25 JamStands Series Soprano Sax Stand The Soprano Sax Stand solves the age-old problem of where to safely place your soprano sax in between performances.
The sturdy round base prevents unwanted tip-overs and it's adjustable to sitting or standing positions.
The bell-shaped holder holds the instrument securely.
Information, specifications, colors, and materials subject to change.
Soprano Sax Stand Features:
* Round-base stand securely holds your soprano sax
* Bell-shaped holder
* 3-year warranty
* Base diameter: 6.3-in
* Height: 7.1-in Specs
* Part Name: JS-SS25
* Part Number: 17229
* Stand height 7.1-in (180 mm)
* Base width 6.3-in (160 mm)