2 Channel, 4 Mic Input Mixer w/Digital Key Control & Vocal Eliminator
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WE PACKED THE POWER OF OUR KJ MIXERS INTO A SMALLER PACKAGE! VocoPro brought you the world's first versatile KJ/DJ mixer.
Our customers wanted an affordable, easy to use mixer that offered many of the features & the same ruggedness of our popular KJ series in a compact design.
We simplified all the things you love about our KJ mixers at half the size & an unbeatable price.
It's packed w/features that will amaze any home Karaoke or DJ enthusiast.
VocoPro is bringing the power of the club system to your Karaoke or dance party.
Finally, w/the KJ-6000 you can cue or crossface like a pro between two separate music sources & get the same great Echo effects & Key Control that VocoPro is known for.
DJs will get a kick out of using the Key Control for a cool effect to change their voice, too.
We didn't forget to include Vocal Partner for use w/Multiplex CDs, a Video selector, & plenty of outputs.
There's even a Vocal Eliminator feature which can remove the vocals in the center of a mix on a professionally recorded CD, leaving little or no trace so you can replace them w/our own! That can turn a standard CD into a Karaoke CD instantly & also expand your remixing possibilities.
Here's the bonus: a total of four microphone inputs, including an XLR, mixed by 2 separate Level, Equalization, & Echo control panels.
It's like having at least 2 extra channels!
Closet DJs are now going to be the star of the show when they exhibit their mixing skills & Karaoke performance all from the same board, & the best part is the price won't break the bank.
You won't need much technical know-how to operate this simple mixer, either.
That's the versatility of the KJ-6000, designed to get up-and-coming DJs started & enable Pro.
KJs to make the party more mobile than ever.
Contact your VocoPro dealer today & take the KJ-6000 for a spin!
* 2 channels w/a total of 4 input choices, CD/PHONO & AV each
* Pro.
style crossfader
* 4 microphone inputs, including one XLR & three 1/4-in
* 2 separate mixed LEVEL & EQ controls, one control panel for each pair of mics/ adds the equivalent of 2 additional channels
* ECHO & KEY CONTROL switchability for each mic pair
* On-board video selection toggle for easy video switching
* 2 video inputs & 2 video outputs for multi-screen video options
* Key Controller w/jog dial
* Digital Echo w/Repeat & Delay controls for vocal enhancement.
* Vocal Cancel & Partner Modes for Multiplex recordings
* Vocal Eliminator Mode for Standard CD vocal cancellation (results may vary w/each CD)
* DSP Effect Pre-sets for musical enhancement
* 3-Band Graphic Equalizer for precision room tuning
* RCA Master 1 & 2 outputs & Record outputs for total integration w/your system
* Headphone jack for Pro.
quality cues, previewing, & practicing