Professional powerful active 18-in subwoofer w/1200 Watt Built-in Amplifier
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The flagship series to our BlastKing Elite offering is the custom designed KXT series.
KXT was produced to offer users an unparalleled performance solution for sound reinforcement.
The KXT series also boasts a powerful active 18-in subwoofer.
The unique design & packaging of this series is sure to turn heads.
This series’ versatility makes them ideal for multiple live sound applications.
Frequency Response: 40Hz - 150Hz
* Impedance: 8 Ohm
* Output (Peak SPL): 97dB
* Power Handling: 1200 Watts Peak
* Amplifier Type: Class A/B Bi-amp
* LF Driver: 18-in Transducer w/4-in Voice Coil
* Signal Connectors: (2) XLR Input
* (2) XLR Output
* (2) MID & HIGH XLR Output
* Phase Mode
* Controls & Selectors: Sub Level
* Indicator LED's: Power, Protect, Signal, Limit
* AC Power: 110V, 50Hz
* Dimension: 559mm x 711mm x 559mm
* 22-in x 28-in x 22-in
* Weight: 54.5 Kg
* 120 Lbs