RCF 11120007

8-In 340 Watt Woofer w/carbon fibre cone & Very high linearity & low distorsion are special features of this carbon-fiber cone transducer.
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- 1.5-in ch, Kapton former, copper voice coil
- 340 Watt continuous program power handling
- 93 dB Sensitivity
- 50 Hz - 4 kHz Frequency range
- Exponential, high strength, carbon fibre cone
- M-roll damped surround
Very high linearity & low distortion are special features of this carbon-fibre cone transducer.
The use of an RCF exponential carbon fibre cone of exceptional strength & light weight drastically reduces the break-up, thus ensuring a high level of efficiency & excellent transient response.
The cone is completely water-repellent.
Maximum care in the selection of the components & in the assembly process make the L8S800 an extremely reliable woofer.
The L8S800 is the ideal woofer for very compact, full range, bass reflex systems where a good balance between mid-bass linearity & low frequency extension is required.
The light mass & mid-range extension is perfect for coupling to a small size driver or tweeter.