Line Out Processor for Great Sound & Maximum Bass Response From Factory Installed Audio Systems COLOR GRAY
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Compact, two-channel processor w/active input circuitry, which allows it to accept speaker-level signals of up to 400 watts per channel from factory-installed source units or amplifiers.
It converts them to high-quality pre-amp signals that can then be directed to after market processors and/or amplifiers.
Users can enjoy maximum sound quality while maintaining the use of factory volume & steering wheel controls.
Typical, inexpensive, passive line output converters generally deliver poor sound quality & diminishing bass response.
The active circuitry used in the LC2i provides dramatically better sound quality & does not compromise the bass response.
No longer will audio enthusiasts have to compromise when performing basic amplifier additions to factory installed audio systems.
Enthusiasts looking for great sound will really love this product.-in
The LC2i is also the world’s first processor to incorporate AudioControl’s, patent pending, AccuBASS processing which automatically corrects for the bass roll-off that is common w/many factory installed audio systems.
Simple “Threshold-in & “Level-in controls allow users to optimize the bass response to match their speaker system.
Being high-value OEM integration processor, the LC2i is installer friendly & equipped w/a number of features that make it ideal for simple systems.
* Two channels of Active speaker level inputs - Accept 400 watt signals…per channel
* Fixed & variable outputs w/discrete level controls
* AccuBASS processing for correction of bass roll-off
* Input For Optional Remote Level Control
* Compact design