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The Sharp AQUOS 4K Ultra HD is held to a higher standard of picture performance.
w/four times the pixel resolution of full HD, everything you watch on the THX 4K-certified AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED TV is four times sharper & more realistic.
It’s not just amazing—it’s certified amazing.
To engineer the ultimate picture experience, we perfected three things: the panel, to deliver high contrast & superior picture; the processing, giving you sharper images & less blur; & the color, so you can be sure you’re seeing the image closest to what the director intended.
After we perfected it, we tested it.
In earning the first THX 4K certification,the AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED TV passed more than 400 rigorous tests, meeting the highest standards in picture performance.
A built-in upscaler seamlessly renders images from any source—cable, Blu-ray, DVD & streaming content—to produce pictures at gorgeous UHD resolution.
Sharp’s intuitive SmartCentral lets you quickly connect to your favorite content.
Working through built-in Wi-Fi, you can instantly access apps, streaming movies, music, games, & websites.
Dual-core processing means faster load times for apps & the web browser, so you spend less time waiting & more time enjoying.
& w/instant access to movies w/Netflix, to videos w/YouTube, music w/Pandora & Rhapsody, social sites like Facebook & Twitter,and the best of gaming - what you love is only a click away.
Web browsing on your Sharp television completes the incredible experience; big, beautiful, super-fast, & built-in, you can now visit all your favorite sites in a window larger than life.
Excluding stand (wxhxd): 62-9/64" x 37-13/32" x 4-16/32"
Including stand (wxhxd): 62-9/64" x 39-7/64" x 16-15/32"
Shipping (wxhxd): 70 7/16" x 11 3/32" x 42 3/4"
Product Weight (Excluding Stand/Including Stand): 121.3 lbs.
w/stand/ 103.6 without
Shipping Weight: 143.3 lbs.