GRAY COLOR Powerful six-channel signal processor (REMOTE PICTURED IS OPTIONAL)
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Audio enthusiasts can now rejoice w/the introduction of AudioControl’s LCQ-1, a powerful six-channel signal processor that provides a gateway between factory installed source units & after-market amplifiers.
The LCQ-1 allows Mobile Electronics enthusiasts to easily tune" their audio systems & receive truly amazing sound quality.
An ideal combination of discrete equalization controls combined w/AudioControl’s unique OEM integration circuitry, the LCQ-1 maximizes the performance of factory installed audio systems.
Enthusiasts, who want amazing audio performance that only comes from custom-tuned audio systems, will truly enjoy the LCQ-1.
Basic, inexpensive, passive line output converters generally deliver poor sound quality & diminishing bass response.
The active circuitry used in the LCQ-1 provides dramatically better sound quality & enhances the bass response.
No longer will audio enthusiasts have to compromise when performing basic amplifier additions to factory installed audio systems.
Enthusiasts looking for great sound will really love this product.
Designed for maximum sound quality & enhanced audio performance, the LCQ-1 is the latest AudioControl processor to incorporate AccuBASS .
This patent pending process automatically corrects for the bass roll-off that is common w/many factory-in stalled audio systems.
AudioControl engineers designed the LCQ-1 to be a very high-value processor, so subsequently it is equipped w/a number of installer friendly features that simplify the OEM connection & calibration process.
Individual equalization controls for the front, rear & subwoofer channels for simple yet precise system tuning
* AccuBASS processing for correction of bass roll-off
* Six channels of active speaker level inputs - accept up to 400 watts per channel
* Optional ACR-2 Remote allows for control of the subwoofer level plus EQ bypass which makes it ideal for demonstration applications
* Internal Channel Summing - For interfacing w/factory installed amplifiers w/built-in crossovers
* GTO (Great Turn-On) Circuit - Powers up the LCQ-1 when it detects signal on the speaker level input
* Compact (6"x 6") chassis allowing for ease of installation