RCF LF18X451

High Power 18-in Woofer w/4,5 - inch fiberglass Inside/Outside copper voice coil
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Manufacturer: RCF

Incredibly linear frequency response characteristics, the highest power handling of any comparable 18-in ch transducer, the lowest power compression.
The LF18X451 features a fiber loaded cone assembly along w/a high excursion triple roll, constant geometry surround: this combination provides remarkable strength & a peak to peak maximum excursion of 54 mm.
The new dual forced hyper-venting system guarantee a very efficient voice coil ventilation for minimum power compression & incredible power handling.
A double silicon spider system ensures excellent control during large excursions.
A fully optimized T-pole design generate the minimum amount of flux modulation.
4,5 - inch fiberglass Inside/Outside copper voice coil
3600 Watt continuous program power handling
97 dB Sensitivity
30 Hz - 1 kHz Frequency range
Dual Forced Hyper-venting System
Dual spider designed w/silicon based damping control
BL of 30.5 Txm to provide a faster & accurate low frequency
* The LF18X451 is ideal in applications where combinations of incredible power handling, reasonable weight & ultra fast time response are required.
* Perfect for powerful lows in horn loaded sub bass systems or reflex designs.
* Ideal for touring, find a perfect application in high power, heavy duty, club sub-woofer
Nominal Diameter: 460/18 mm/inch
Rated Impedance: 8 Ohms
Program Power: 3600 W AES
Power handling capacity: 1800 W AES
Sensitivity: 97 dB
Frequency Range: 30 Hz to 1000 Hz
Effective Piston Diameter: 395 / 15.6 mm/inch
Max Excursion Before Damage (peak to peak): 54/2.12 mm/inch
Minimum Impedance: 6.8 Ohms
Voice Coil Diameter: 115 / 4.5 mm/inch
Voice Coil Material: Copper
Voice Coil Winding Depth: 34 / 1.33 mm/inch
Number of layers: 2
Kind of layer: inside / outside
Top Plate Thickness: 15 / 0.6 mm/inch
Cone Material: No pressed pulp
Cone Design: Straight
Surround Material: Polycotton
Surround Design: Triple roll
Resonance frequency: 30 Hz
DC resistance: 5.4 Ohms
Mechanical factor: 6.7
Electrical factor: 0.29
Total factor: 0.28
BL Factor: 30.5 T - m
Effective Moving Mass: 260 g
Equivalent Cas air load: 220 liters
Effective piston area: 0.122 m-Squared
linear excursion (mathematical): 13.5 mm
Voice - coil inductance at 1kHz: 2,9 mH
Half-space efficiency: 1.90%
Overall Diameter: 465 / 18.3 mm/inch
Bolt Circle Diameter: 442-447 / 17.4-17.6 mm/inch
Bolt Hole Diameter: 6.5 / 0.25 mm/inch
Front Mount Baffle Cut-out: 424/16.7 mm/inch
Rear Mount Baffle Cut-out: 424 / 16.7 mm/inch
Depth: 194 / 7.63 mm/inch
Volume occupied by the driver: 6.5 / 0.23 liters/ft Cubed
Net Weight: 15.2 / 33.4 kg/lbs
Shipping weight: 16.2 / 35.5 kg/lbssystems.

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