3-Back-up sensors, CCD camera, night vision, grid in meters, license plate mounting, vertical angle adjust Chrome
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* 3 Object Sensors w/ Proximity Alert
* 1/4-in CCD Color Camera
* 0.5 LUX Low Light Lens
* Waterproof Camera Housing
* Waterproof External Wire Connections
* Vertically Pivoting Camera Housing
* 7' Effective Viewing Distance
* Inconspicuous Speaker Housing for Alerts
* 130 DegreeCapture Angle
* 8 IR LEDs for Night Viewing
* On-Screen Distance Gauge
* RCA Video Output
* Cast Steel Alloy Frame
* Reversed Image
* 640-in x 480 Capture Resolution
* Color Camera w/ Night Vision
* LP-2 uses a 1/4-in CCD color camera for a clear rear-view image.
The camera requires a mere .01 LUX light to pick up an image.
8 IR LED's provide light for night vision.
Use the on-screen distance gauge to determine how close the vehicle is to obstructions.
* Back-up Sensors
* 3 proximity sensors continuously monitor the distance to potential obstructions.
A small hide-a-way speaker gives audible distance alerts & tones.
These sensors can detect obstructions as far away as 7 feet, & up to only a couple of inches.
* Cast Alloy Frame
* The frame of LP2 is cast of a durable zinc alloy, using stainless steel parts when necessary .
All components are waterproof, so don't sweat weather exposure or even sea water when launching a boat.
LP2 is available in a chrome or satin black finish.