LT Series Multi-tiered, Heavy-duty, Extra Tall Lighting Tree with TeleLock Lift-assist Technology
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The LT Series lighting tree & accessories from Ultimate Support are amazingly durable & sturdy, yet lightweight & affordable.
The LT-99B & LT-88B are turnkey lighting trees that feature over-sized heavy wall aluminum tubing & extra height.
Also available in the LT Series is the LTB-48B T-style lighting crossbar, LTB-24B lighting sidebars, & the LTV-24B 24 vertical extension.
All LT Series system from Ultimate Support come complete w/a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
LT-99B Product Breakdown:
* TeleLockr Lift-assist Stand
* LTV-24B Vertical Extension
* LTB-48B T-style Lighting Crossbar
* LTB-24B Lighting Sidebars
* Over-sized Heavy Wall Aluminum Tubing
TeleLock Lift-assist Stand
The LT-99B is one of the easiest lighting tree stands to use thanks to its patented TeleLock collar.
Set the TeleLock collar to either the "Raise" or "Lower" setting & the Auto-lock technology provides just the right amount of resistance to allow you to raise or lower the lighting tree while locking the tube in place as you go.
And, the fail-safe internal friction device won't allow your lighting gear to slide down once it's in the "Lock" position.
It's like having tour support built into your lighting tree stand!
LTV-24B Vertical Extension
The LTV-24B is a 24-in ch vertical extension tube that fits on top of the LT-99.
While the TeleLock tripod stand is plenty tall on its own, by adding the LTV-24B to the stand, we make it plenty tall for al your lighting needs! w/the addition of the LTB-48B t-style lighting crossbar & LTB-24B, you have a professional, sturdy lighting tree.
LTB-48B T-style Lighting Crossbar
The LTB-48B is a 48-in T-style lighting crossbar that features four pre-drilled holes for mounting your lighting equipment to - we've even included mounting hardware to get you started.
It's constructed w/thick-walled aluminum so while it's amazingly light, it's rated for use w/C-clamps (not included).
The LTB-48B also includes two UNF-150 mounting brackets for mounting lighting equipment, such as dimmer packs, to the lighting tree.
LTB-24B Lighting Sidebars
The LTB-24B is a great & flexible way to add more lights to your Ultimate Support lighting tree.
It features two 24-in sidebars that mount to the LTV-24B Vertical Extension.
The two sidebars are height-adjustable, so you can mount them where you need them on the pole for maximum flexibility.
Each LTB-28B sidebar features two pre-drilled holes for mounting your lighting equipment to (mounting hardware included).
Over-sized Heavy Wall Aluminum Tubing
The entire stand (legs, mast, & telescoping tube) uses oversized, heavy-walled aluminum tubing for durability, functionality, & weight savings.
The LT-99B will not rust or corrode (thanks to its architectural anodized finish), is very smooth to operate, & is extraordinarily strong yet lightweight.
LT-99B Specs:
* Part Name: LT-99B
* Part Number: 17347
* Included Components: TS-99B aluminum tripod stand, LTV-24B 24-in Vertical Extension, LTB-48B 48-in T-style Lighting Crossbar, LTB-24B 24-in Lighting Sidebars (Qnty: 2)
* Base Diameter: 62-in (1575 mm)
* Height: 7' 2-in to 11' 2-in (2184 mm to 3406 mm)
* Weight: 19.6 lbs (8 kg)
* Telescoping Tube Diameter: 1.5-in (38 mm)
* Adapter Diameter: 1.375-in (35 mm)
* Load Capacity: 150 lbs.
(68.2 kg)