Coffin Holds 2 x LARGE FORMAT CD Players: Pioneer CDJ-1000, CDJ-800, DN-S3700, DN-S3500 plus 10 mixer w/low profile wheels. Holds 10 mixer such as Pioneer DJM-400, Rane TTM-57SL, Numark, Denon DN-X120, DN-X100
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Holds 2 x Pioneer CDJ-1000, CDJ-800, DN-S5000, DN-S3500, Stanton C.303, C.304, C.314, Tehcnics SLDZ1200 plus 10-in Mixer w/low profile wheels.
* ATA 300
* Spring action handles
* Durable sleek wheels
* Easy locking fit & tongue
* Heavy & powerful ball corners
* Industrial strength latches & rubber feet
* Dual anchor rivets
* Laminated 3/8-in plywood
* Includes mounting hardware Dimensions: 41-in W x 18-in D x 9.5-in H
* CD Fits Pioneer CDJ1000, CDJ800, DNS3500, Stanton C303, C304, C314 & Technics SLDZ1200
* Fits CD player w/dimensions of 10.5-in W x 14.25-in D, cable area connections 3.25-in D of space
* Fits mixer w/dimensions of 10.25-in W x 17.50-in D x 3.25-in H
* Net Weight: 40.7 lbs.
* Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.
* Equipment shown not included.